How To Stay Sane While Planning Your Wedding

It is a common occurrence to find people planning to have a wedding freak out because it is truly a stress phase. Your wedding day can be inherently full of pressure due to the level of expectation which in most cases is very high. Most people have a picture of how they want their wedding day to look like and only a few know how to go bring their vision to fruition. This is where the stress creeps in; suddenly you are freaking out, worried about everything and anything that could go wide of the mark. Although there might be a lot of factors, it all comes down to one person: you, the planner. Talking about the stress is referring to the pressure which in turn affects your sanity. Here are some tips on how to stay sane while planning your wedding.

KEEP EVERYTHING ORGANISED: A cluttered surrounding is a cluttered mind. Keeping your home, your car, your wardrobe and even your daily activities organized will definitely reduce stress. A disorganized environment will increase the risk of misplacing things and forgetting to carry out certain activities. Your goal is to keep everything as smooth as possible to avoid nervous mind banter. Your body should also be organized and well nourished and taken care of. You are your first priority. Keep yourself happy and healthy in order to be able to plan your amazing dream wedding.

KEEP RECORDS: A notebook or jotter will be one of your best friends at this planning stage. Information is vital at this planning stage and trying to remember or racking your brain to remember things can be so stressful and demanding. Keeping records in a notebook or jotter will help you empty and clean your mind and from forgetting vital information. It will also help you in recording the various thoughts running through your mind and the suggestions and information from your loved ones. Carry a small jotter or notepad in your purse or car. Write down everything that comes to your mind, including those you don’t want to forget and the ones you forgot to do. Remember to keep your writing organized and jotter or notepad safe and this will help you stay sane all through the planning period.

HAVE FUN: Most people are of the opinion that reducing or not having fun will help stay focused and reduce stress during the planning process. This is wrong because neglecting a certain aspect of your life just to put all your focus into planning will put pressure on everything. Go out with friends, invite your family over, have dinner with your fiance or even go out to that club. Let out the energy, get distracted, give yourself a break and have fun. Putting all this aside to will pile up enough energy that could drive you insane during your wedding.

DELEGATE THE TASK: The best way to keep your sanity during the wedding planning stage is to delegate the various task to somebody else. If you have the luxury of hiring a wedding planner then you can but if not, ask your sister or aunt or friend to help you. You are not limited on how many people you can ask for help so far they are willing to. Assign a task that matches the strength of the person you are assigning the task to. Lastly, set up contingencies for things that do not go as planned and have people who can tackle this problem.
Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful or make you lose your sanity. All you need to do is to follow the steps listed above and you are set to have your dream wedding.