Choosing The Perfect Location For Your Wedding

Choosing a perfect location can be one of the first and biggest decisions you will ever make as an intending couple. Let’s face it if you are planning on getting married location is key and will influence so many things. It will influence the guest, the vendors the type of decorations and even the entire style of the event. The location you choose is what will make your wedding unique and stand out from the crowd. The perfect wedding location will also be influenced by certain factors worth considering. Here are a couple of factors to do consider;

NUMBER OF GUESTS: Every location has a size and is required to have a maximum number of occupants. This will be influenced by the number of services they can provide and the facilities in place. This is one of the major factors that you will; consider while choosing a location for your wedding. The perfect location will accommodate your entire guest and provide the necessary facilities necessary to accommodate them. It is easy to prepare for extra numbers of guest and have surplus place and resources left than under prepare for the guests. It might seem like an uneconomic decision but will surely pay off for your wedding.

WEDDING SETTING: Do you want a natural wedding or open or historic or seaside or a huge dance hall or any other wedding setting. The setting of your wedding will determine how it will be decorated and the amount of financial input. The wedding setting will, in turn, determine where your perfect wedding location should.

WEDDING STYLE: How formal do you want your wedding to be or do you want a traditional or religious wedding or do you want an informal wedding. Most couples prefer to choose an incorporation of two wedding style, a church wedding during the day and a reception later on. While the church venue might not cost you anything, the reception venue will definitely cost you some cash. The proximity of the reception venue is to the church will determine where your wedding location will be.

WEDDING DATE: Wedding date can be significant for a variety of reasons. Some couples may choose to have their wedding date on a historic date such as the day they met or a religious date. While other couples might choose any random day without any reason. A flexible wedding date such as an off season month will allow you secure your dream location at a lower rate. The time of the year, a day of the week, length of engagement and many other time-related factors will impact your choice of location.

BUDGET: Your wedding location must be able to provide everything you need without exceeding your budget. You should search for locations that are within the price limit agreed by you and your fiancé. This will help you avoid falling in love with a location that is well out your price range. It is essential that you seek a professional planner when searching for a location that is within your price range as he will help you a cheap location contract and cut your cost to the lowest minimum.

VENDOR: Your vendor might be willing to stay in a location that he is familiar or one that grants him access to the resources he needs. Generally, the vendor has little or no power over your choice of the location offseason but if the location isn’t compatible with the service he is set to render you might want to change it.