Should You Have a Marijuana Wedding Cake?

So, you’re about to take that plunge into married life, Congratulations! You want your big night to be unique, memorable by all, and not just by the hangover next morning. While others may host their weddings in expensive venues, with only a skin-deep aesthetic appeal, you’ve decided you want to be original. You want everyone’s night to be as special as yours.
Friends and family surround you, and don’t want there to be a disconnection between you and them. Wedding’s should be interpersonal celebrations of an union, not a way to flaunt your good fortune. How will you do that? There are of course many gimmicks, such as rotating seating throughout the night, to ensure that everyone can spend time with each other, but here’s one you likely haven’t thought of: A marijuana wedding cake!

Won’t that taste terrible?

With medical marijuana becoming legal in more and more places around the world every year, a new craze seems to be sweeping enthusiasts. Edibles have been around as long as marijuana has been cultivated, known for their distinctive taste, which often clashes with other foods. Recently manufacturers and research labs have been developing a new wave of edibles: more potent than ever before and with almost no taste.

This offers many opportunities for baking enthusiasts. You can add marijuana to almost any treat, be it cupcakes, the traditional brownies, or a wedding cake, without worrying about the taste. Traditionally, chocolate was used to mask the taste, but now – you can have a vanilla cake, with any icing, without fear! If people weren’t told, they wouldn’t even know that they were ingesting THC until the world started spinning

What About the Law?

Though Marijuana may be legal in your area, there are still some considerations you need to take. Not everyone may imbibe, it’s not legal for kids to consume it, and some of your guests may have jobs which frequently require drug tests. Though consumption may be legal recreationally, you can still be fired for having it in your system, and rightfully so.
Therefore, it’s essential that you tell everyone beforehand what will be in your cake. It’s better if you go one step further than that, and require anyone who wishes to partake to sign a disclosure – to ensure that if there are any mishaps, the legal responsibility doesn’t fall back on you. There’s no better way to ruin your perfect night, than the threat of a looming lawsuit overhead! If you know there will be children or people who don’t imbibe, consider having a separate cake for them or make a levelled cake.

Can I Cook it at Home?

Yes, but there are many considerations you need to take. Traditionally marijuana was cooked at home, but wedding cakes are serious business, that takes much more work. Adding THC to a wedding cake complicates the baking process. From finding a suitable bonding agent (butter, not margarine) to ensuring the THC doesn’t reach its vaporization point. At 392 degrees fahrenheit, THC has completely broken down, but you also need to ensure your cake is thoroughly cooked through. This may make the already stressful wedding planning harder, and a single mistake could ruin your cake.
Though bakers may not have experience with THC itself, most skilled bakers do have the expertise needed, from working with other culinary ingredients whose flavours degrade at high temperatures. More so, if it goes bad – they are to blame, not you.

If you’re looking for something special for your wedding night, a marijuana cake may be just right for you!